We all work on your desktop and laptop for creating documents regarding various purposes containing the information and contents about several things. A lot of people utilize MS Word for processing a Word document which contains numerous features supporting them to create the document with ease. The characteristics in the Word processor are highly effective and the popularity of the app can be imagined with the fact it leads the market providing a tough competition to others there. When a person thinks about a document the first name what comes in his/her mind is MS Word.

While using the MS Word there must be many Word documents present on your Mac or PC which you won’t want to be viewed by other people to be read and discovered despite the livelihood or profession you do. These documents have the subjects which are close to personal and confidential for other people which might use it not in the way good for the user. You can shift the documents in a folder which can be kept hidden and away from the reach of the people using the system other than creator of the documents. The hiding of the folder is not an effective measure as people can easily view it with just enabling the View Hidden Folders option on the desktop or laptop.


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Password Protecting a MS Word Document:

Other than hiding the folder containing the word documents you can encrypt them simply with a password them. The Word document containing the sensitive information can easily protected through a password which will aid you to safeguard them from persons with whom you can share them.

Step 1:

Open the Word document on MS Word 2013 and go to the File tab there on the toolbar of the app. Scroll down on Info option where you will find Protect Document button click on it and choose Encrypt with Password option on the drop-down menu.

Step 2:

Clicking on the option will open up a window where you to input the password which you want to keep on the document, make sure the password is strong which is not able to break by others. After entering the password click on OK to save the password set. Reenter the same password and click OK on Confirm Password box.


Step 3:

After this the document will be encrypted and protected with the password securing it from others. You can also make the document to ask password whenever a person clicks on it for opening it. For this when you save the document on the location where you basically do the saving of document.

Step 4:

On Save window you have to go to Tools click on it and select the General options at the drop-down menu which aid you to get more options regarding the saving of the document. It will ask you to enter the password for file encryption which you have to enter in Password to Open box and click on OK to make the changes to be saved.

Password enter

How to Password Protect a MS Word Document
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