While performing several activities and functions we have to keep some items secret as they have important and crucial content. The content is kept secret in order the misuse of the content against us or avoid the compromise of our personal space and privacy. There are certain measures through which one can keep their files and folders secret or hidden on their system. The measures are efficient which aid the user to get safety and security of the files which are important for the working of the user. Like Windows people using Mac OS X can also protect their files easily.

Mac OS X also has a variety of applications allowing the user to get a security option to protect their files and keep them as secret. FileVault is a good application through which one can get a 128-bit encryption for protecting their files and folders through password. It is an efficient application aiding you avoid the worry of data theft and safeguard the files. The main drawback of the application is that it consumes a lot of memory making the system to slow down and make the startup of the system to take more time than the usual.


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Password Protect Files in Mac OS X:

FileVault is not used widely accessed by many due to the disadvantage possessed by it of reducing the system’s performance. The people usually avoid the use of the application unless the specs present in their Mac system are high. There is an alternative way of password protecting the file on your Mac OS X without the use of any third party application.

Step 1:

If you use the productivity applications of Apple present on Mac OS X then you will find a built-in password mechanism or feature there. Just go to the ‘Share’ icon present on the toolbar and click on the ‘View Share Settings’, then choose the Add Password option to lock the file. The password should be strong to avoid the break of the file.

Step 2:

But if the number of files that is to be kept secret and secured is large then the most possible means of safeguarding is to compile them in a folder then lock it with password. Select the files to be protected and copy them to a folder created by you on the desktop.


Open Disk Utility whether from Spotlight or through Utilities folder in the application. Go to the File and move the cursor to New, then click on Disk Image from Folder. Choose the folder and select the Image button, in the popup window select the read/write for the Image format and select 128-bit AES encryption for the encryption. After doing this hit the save option to save the changes made. Type in the password and perform the verification and make sure that you have unchecked the ‘Remember password in my keychain’. Click OK to lock it.

The folder will be requiring password whenever you open it.

How to Password Protect Files in Mac OS X
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