BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) is basically an Indian owned telecommunications company providing the people residing in India telecom services and management of network used by them. It is among the fourth largest mobile telecom service providing company in India and is present in the industry for a long time. Many people claim the service provider has the features and functions allowing them to get a great time while using the service. It has a huge customer base using the services provided by them which total up more than 117 million enjoying the characteristics of the service.

The company also offers people internet service allowing them to browse the World Wide Web on their devices. There are various data plans organized and formulated of several amounts ranging from high to low as to allow them to be accessed by several people. Among the data plans BSNL WiMAX is quite popular which is formulated by BSNL for the Indian users of the company. Through the WiMAX a person can fully provide a fixed along with full mobile data high speed broadband connection having the roaming feature to be used in any part of the country. BSNL WiMAX offers the user to get a brilliant internet browsing experience while accessing the service on their device.


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Paying BSNL WiMAX Bill Online:

While performing online payment some people tend to face difficulty and are unable to clear the process in their attempt. In paying BSNL WiMAX Bill Online many people fail to do so and are unable to make the payment on the time. If you face the difficulty also while performing the payment of BSNL WiMAX bill online through your desktop/laptop then you have got at the right place to sort this error. Here is the guide providing you a step by step process to be performed while paying BSNL WiMAX bill online.

Step 1:

First thing you have to do is to login to the BSNL payment site to perform the process. After logging in you will able to see the payment details on the pending ones. Click on the option stating ‘Pay now’ to perform the payment of the latest bill.

Step 2:

Select the mode of your payment from the options present in the page. There are several modes present allowing you to perform payment as you prefer. You will be directed to payment gateway after you have chosen the mode.


Step 3:

Perform the payment on the page and you have to enter the details related to the bank account etc to make the payment process successful.

Step 4:

After completing the payment procedure you will be redirected back to the page where you will see a confirmation of the performed payment and receipt of the payment done by you on the latest bill.


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