Mac is a pretty neat operating system developed by Apple for the followers and customers to have a great tool and helper aiding them to perform their functions along with other activities easily. It packs numerous features for making the working to be efficient for delivering the user the result expected by performing the activity. The latest version of Mac is Mac OS X offered by the company coming with significant changes and upgrades to increase the experience present in the operating system when accessed by people which gives a tough competition to Microsoft’s Windows OS.

In 2007 Apple launched and released a new characteristic in Mac named Quick Look which proposes the user to get a quick preview of files and etc on the system easily. It allows you to get a look at the contents present inside a file there on Finder which can be seen at full or close to full size easily. The view size generally depends on the size of the file or document with respect to the screen resolution of the system. There is no sort of limit on the types of file which can be used for getting preview through Quick Look one can view PDFs, Plain text and many more without sort of trouble with it. This feature is quite useful as it allows the user to get the preview of a particular file without opening it on the system.


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Using Quick Look to See Websites:

Quick Look can be used through selecting a file on Finder window and hit the Space bar on your keyboard which will activate it aiding you to get a preview of the file. It can not only used for previewing the files present on your Mac system as it allows can accessed for previewing the websites easily. Here is the guide through which you can preview live websites with Quick Look.


Step 1:

It is quite useful if you are a consistent reader of a website and want to get the top updates without opening it again and again. Open the site which to select for previewing with the help of Quick Look and drag the link of the particular website to your desktop.

Step 2:

Dragging the link of the site will create a .webloc file on the desktop which will be used for performing the preview whenever you want to get latest updates acknowledged there on the site.

webloc file

Step 3:

When you want to get the update about the site just go to the created .webloc file and hit Spacebar on the keyboard to see the preview with Quick Look.

With Quick Look you can see the YouTube playlist easily as it previews the page inside a fresh browser without using the previously present cookies and the site will view you as a new visitor.

How To Perform Quick Look on Mac OS X for Seeing Websites
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