Steam offers the people worldwide to get a chance of playing their games having an overall pleasant gaming experience with ease. Developed by Valve Corporation it serves as an internet based gaming platform along with allowing the people access it also as digital distribution for several other media contents. There are several games of various genres fulfilling the demand of every gamer wishing to have the gaming experience through the help of the online gaming platform. Steam consists of many features making the player to get the best experience of gaming while accessing it for benefiting and getting the expected entertainment.

With the help of the store present on the gaming platform the player can perform the purchase and install of several Steam games or media content without any trouble. Steam is available on numerous devices from desktop operating systems to video game console also on mobile operating systems. With the provided accessibility options a large number of people can encounter the characteristics possessed by it allowing them to experience the benefits offered. The popularity and daily usage of Steam can be computed and analyzed through the fact that about 75% of games are purchased online for desktop through the online gaming platform.

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Playing Steam Games without Steam (Offline Mode):

Basically Steam needs an active and properly functioning internet connection in order to make Steam Games to run on the system, without it you can play the installed games. If you want to play and access the Steam Games without internet or Steam then you have to work hard for achieving this purpose performing a long process. Today we have a quick guide and method aiding you to play Steam Games without Steam in Offline Mode.

Method 1: Kicking Off Steam in Offline Mode

When you face an internet connection error on your system while accessing Steam then the online gaming platform asks you to proceed in Offline Mode. Same circumstances are to be recreated for using Steam and Steam Games in offline mode. Just you have to disable your Network connections and the Wi-Fi to do this.


Open the Network Connections by typing network connections and choosing the View network connections to move ahead. Now right-click on the adapter used by you then select the disable option for disabling option. After this launch Steam and it will attempt to connect to servers which will fail to disable network connections.

A connection error window will pop-up asking you to continue in Offline mode, choose to proceed in offline mode. Make sure that Steam and its games are fully updated before doing this.

Method 2: No Need of Steam

If you don’t want any inclusion of Steam while playing and accessing the Steam games then this will surely help. You should know the location or directory where Steam and its apps are installed if not then check this:

C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/Steamapps/Common/GameName

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You have to locate for the game’s .exe file which you are willing to play and double-click on it to launch it. This method will work on least of Steam games as will require the DRM of Steam kicking it off and asking you to login to access them.

How to Play Steam Games without Steam (Offline Mode)
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