Microsoft Windows 10 is now available for desktop and laptop offering the people making them to encounter and experience the latest features to get a great moment. About more than 13 million people grabbed their hands on the update offered to their system which aid them to utilize the latest new operating system packing some brilliant characteristics to increase the performance and etc. Windows 10 has offered some new features for Xbox One users to increasing the gaming experience and providing the gameplay to reach a whole new level without any sort of trouble.

Before the launch of Windows 10 there was defined clear line divided the desktop and console games from each other making it different from each other, but the line is almost diminished with the new operating system. Windows 10 offers the gamers of Xbox One to stream their games from the console directly to the PC easily. With it you can stream and play games like Halo, Forza Horizon 2 from your Xbox One to PC or tablet running on the latest operating system. Microsoft stated it that the owners of Xbox will not be tied to the console to play with friends for getting the extraordinary gaming experience.


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Play Xbox One Games on Windows 10 PC:

For performing the process you have to make sure both the Windows PC and Xbox should be updated with the recent updates made available for them by Microsoft. You can also gain full control on your Xbox One console through the PC and get more rich experience while playing the games.

Step 1:

On your Xbox One console, you have to go to Settings through the menu button available on your Xbox One controller. The Settings will contain the preferences where you will see System & App option; there you have to turn on the Allow Game Streaming to Other Devices option.

Step 2:

As you enable it you will make the console to be ready for streaming. Now on the Windows 10 PC you have to open the Xbox app which will can accessed by searching it on Start Menu. With the app you have to log into the Xbox Live through the help of your account made on Microsoft.

Xbox Settings

Step 3:

You will see a Game Tag that will be present on the Left panel matching with the one which will is there on your Xbox One. A new window will pop-up asking you to Add a Device, if the Xbox One console is listed then simply click Connect. If not then you to enter IP address of the Xbox console manually this can be acknowledged on Network of the console’s Settings at Advanced Settings on console.

Step 4:

After all this you have to connect the Xbox One controller to the system making the system all set to perform the streaming without any sort of trouble. If you encounter any trouble or lag then simply change the video encoding level there in Settings of Xbox app on PC.


How To Play Xbox One Games on Windows 10 PC Easily
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