About billions of people have an account on the popular social networking site Facebook through which they are updated socially and connected to friends, family along with other people present on the site. A large number of individuals daily connect and use the features of Facebook for their entertainment also for other things summing up as part of the daily routine performed by them. Facebook is growing its database day by day and more people are joining the platform due to the characteristics offered and craze among the world for it.

Facebook Chat is a cool element of the social networking site allowing the person having the account on Facebook to send and receive instant messages to people online at the time. It serves as a link connecting the two Facebook contacts aiding to communicate with each other and is quite trendy among the people for talking to their contacts on Facebook. The Facebook contacts have to be online to perform the exchange of messages as to make sure that the communication is performed on both sides. But due to being busy we are unable to always be on Facebook to access the Facebook Chat to exchange the messages and avoid to do chitchat with them. If you want to chat with the Facebook contacts after leaving Facebook and closing the tab of the site, then now you can see further for below.


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Putting Facebook Chat at Firefox Sidebar:

The trick is for the people using Firefox browser on their desktops and laptops through which you will be able to make a separate sidebar for Facebook Chat as similar to Google Talk. The chat will run as an application in the sidebar of Firefox browser. With the help of the sidebar you will able to see the people online with whom you can chat while accessing any webpage.


Step 1:

Launch the Firefox browser on your system and hold the buttons Ctrl+Shift+B for opening the bookmarks organizer bar for making a separate bookmark for Facebook Chat.

Step 2:

Go to the Organize then to New Bookmark where you have to type the following text in the box http://www.facebook.com/presence/popout.php with clicking the tick box stating Load this bookmark in the sidebar. You can also save the new bookmark under Bookmark Toolbar of the main page for getting the instant access to Facebook just with a single click.


Step 3:

After making this setting ensure that you have made the process by clicking on the bookmark saved and you will see that it will run within in a second you click on it.

Along with Firefox this trick can done on Opera browser just press F4 in order to open the sidebar of Opera, then drag and drop the above provided link on the Opera Sidebar aiding you to chat with Facebook also on Opera just like Firefox.

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