We all use our mobile phones for various purposes and to perform several functions, but the main thing we all do with our phones is calling. Calling is most important and accessed thing done by a normal person while using the phone in a day. Basically the main and prominent feature of a mobile phone is to provide the person the ability to call to another person. As a smartphone we do have the basic features aiding us to improve the calling features and make it proper to avoid any sort of trouble.

Recording a call is not easy as you think as it needs plenty of things to be done to actually make your smartphone to record the call during the conversation. Many people want to keep track of the phone call and conversations when done to a specific person through their phone. If you are a journalist then you might want to record the call made to a person for an interview in order to note the important criteria, along the call recording is beneficial to many person engaged in specific profession aiding them to be a better communicator. If you are an iPhone user then we have the guide aiding you to record calls in iPhone without any trouble or problem and save it on the device for reference.


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Recording Calls in iPhone:

Generally there are two methods for recording the call in iPhone and saving the conversation in the device. These methods are probably the best and have efficiency through making you able to get the desired conversation. The methods provided are tested and will not harm the security of your device and make it unable to access.

Method 1: Through Google Voice for recording Incoming Calls

Login into Google Voice (If you don’t have a Google Account and a Google Voice number then it is advisable to create one for the process) and go to Gear icon present in the top right section of the page. Click on it and select the Settings option from dropdown menu, go to Calls tab present there.


In the section you will see Call options on below, now check the box to enable call recording and click on Save changes. After this whenever you will receive a call just press 4 on the number pad which will trigger an preinstalled voice stating the both parties that the call is being recorded. On the ending of the conversation the recording will be saved in the Voice inbox from there you can access them.

Method 2: Through Third Party Apps for recording Outgoing Calls

With Google Voice method you can get the record of incoming calls, whereas for outgoing calls you will need a third party app to be downloaded.


NoNotes.com is a free application allowing the iPhone users to record the outgoing calls from the device without any charge or trouble. Through the app you can make the calls and along with the conversation you can record them on iPhone which will be saved on the device’s memory.

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