Google is currently working in order to provide the followers and customers the best and needed services required by them in order to make their working easy. For improving the emailing service the company recently launched Inbox for providing the next gen improved features to enhance the email service. Inbox is the new application for Gmail users built by them and for the users providing them their mails organized for making the things get done as needed and wanted by them. People can use both Gmail and Inbox for organizing, managing the emails etc.

Within the days of its launching Inbox made a numerous following providing them the access to the same emailing service of Gmail. Many people view the newly launched Inbox more feature-richen and contains more things than Gmail which makes them use more of Inbox less of Gmail to facilitate the easy functioning of emails. If you also prefer to access Inbox over Gmail then we have the guide through which you will be able to redirect Gmail to Google Inbox easily. Through the redirect you will be able to Inbox straightly instead of going to Gmail which allows you to handle your emails, task list and other related reminders.


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Redirect Gmail to Inbox:

Inbox is easily accessible by many people and allows them more command on the mails coming in and going out and make your emails to get organized with ease. The process is simple to perform and will not harm your email id to avoid you to access the service utilizing.

Step 1:

Go to through your web browser and login to your Google account. After logging on your account you have to go to the top left side of the page.

Step 2:

There is a menu right there on the left side then scroll down on the menu to Settings where you will see the options regarding the email service. Select Other on the left hand side, then click on the box stating the option Redirect Gmail to


Step 3:

It will enable the option which will redirect the Gmail to when you login to Gmail. Even when needed you can still access the Gmail interface by opening main menu and scrolling to the last Go to Gmail.

The setting can be unable by unchecking the box whenever needed to do so and want to remove the redirecting to Inbox.

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How to Redirect Gmail to Google Inbox
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