Google Play Music is a streaming service and an online locker for music developed and managed by Google. The music streaming service contains numerous features allowing the users to get the tracks through the store present by buying which can listened online as well as offline. A large number of people utilize the inherited characteristics for getting a great music listening experience with the help of the application on their devices. Google Play Music is available as a mobile app also to provide many people using smartphones and tablets to store the music and listen to it offline with ease.

It offers more than 30 million tracks for performing the music streaming which can be accessed in about 58 countries through the web browsers and media players. As the streaming service is available on desktop and is regularly updated to provide the users a great encounter time while accessing it. Just like other music service Google Play Music often build up recommendations on the basis of your search and history which is not up to the mark for some people. It sometimes refers some junk which we don’t want to see or listen to but avoiding it for several times it still pops-ups in front of history.


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Removing Google Play Music’s Recommendations:

If you are annoyed with the recommendations of Google Play Music like many other then you can easily remove them for performing a reset on the music streaming service. The reset will erase your all history on Google Play Music making you to start a fresh and clean state usage of music. You can easily delete Google Play’s Music recommendations with the new added feature.

Step 1:

Launch your web browser and go to Google Play Music’s desktop site. Perform the sign-in process in order to reach the settings of your account.

Step 2:

Scroll down on your account you will find a new section with the option stating Delete Recommendation History. As Google has said that this option will remove the history used to give you the track recommendations and customize radio.

Google Music-Desktop

Step 3:

Clicking on the option will provide a long list of the radios and albums recommended usually by the music streaming service. You can click on unwanted ones by clicking ‘not interested’ present in front of them.

Step 4:

On selecting the not interested tracks and radios will remove the recommendations and Google will not show them whenever you access the service to hear your favorite numbers.

The main problem with the process is the buildup of new recommendations as you access more of the music streaming service which will be similar to your list and listening data.


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How to Remove Google Play Music’s Recommendations for Performing Reset
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