iCloud serves as a good backup application allowing the people to store their data and files aiding them to access it whenever needed to do so. The cloud based storage service provides the people a lot of features which are useful for them while store and upload their data for safeguarding it on the servers of the company. The data stored on iCloud is safe and secure offering the privacy along with secrecy as expected by a person offering them a large number of characteristics making the backing up of data easy and simple to perform process.

The cloud based storage service is often accessed by people for backing up the iPhone and iPad which aids them to get the data of the device whenever it is updated or restored. But when a person gets a fresh and new iPhone or iPad the old backups maintained by them will be laying around for no reason in their iCloud account which will never be required or needed taking up unnecessary space on the storage space. You can remove or delete the old backups of previous device which will clear the space and allow you to utilize the space for something more productive. Before deleting the old iCloud backups make sure you don’t need it now and for the forthcoming future.


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Removing iCloud Backups from iPhone and iPad:

Majority of people use the iCloud backups for restoring and backing up their iOS device which provides them to get the data they need and require for efficient performance of their device easily. You can easily manage your iCloud account through your iPhone and iPad which can also be used for deleting the old iCloud backups which are taking useless space and avoiding the use of needed space.

Step 1:

Go to your iPhone or iPad and reach for the Settings of the device as it is connected with same Apple ID account having the backups which are taking a large amount of space on the iCloud and are to be removed from the account.

Step 2:

On Settings you will see Usage option present down on the list. Tap on it and there will a bar for iCloud displaying the total storage of the account along with the available storage to be accessed by you.


Step 3:

Below the available storage you will find an option stating Manage Storage choose it for moving ahead in the process. On choosing the option you will see a Backup list showcasing the list of devices having their current backups on the iCloud with the size taken up by them on your iCloud account.

Step 4:

From the list provided you have to select the one which is no longer needed by you and tap on the delete backup in order to delete or remove the backup from the iCloud.

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