We all need some privacy in our lives where we don’t want any sort of interference but there are some people who poke their nose in our business. They don’t listen despite telling them about more than once for them we put password on our devices for avoiding them to see our private files. Putting password on our memory card of our smartphone is a common thing done by us to prevent the pokey people and provide a barrier to them. Memory card contains various files related to the personal and business use of a person proving vital to him/her.

In our busy life we can’t keep up to everything and remember the things important which are gradually forgotten by us. Passwords are the common thing that various people forget and are unable to open the lock. If you have forgot the password kept by you on your memory card then have lost the access to several files there in it and unable to get the required content at the needed time. After several attempts you are unable to unlock the memory card and get a new one then start from scratch. Don’t worry we at Tech Raze have the guide aiding you to get acknowledge about how can remove memory card lock or password set by you on it.

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Removing Memory Card Lock or Password:

The problem can be solved and you can easily get your memory card with the files there on it. While performing the process there will be no sort of damage is done to the various files present on it. You can easily recover them and access them easily without any trouble. The process is easy allowing you to do it without any complication.

Step 1:

The thing you have to do first is to get a Nokia device running on Symbian OS of the company. You can borrow it from a friend or person you know as it is important for removing the password. There will no damage to the device as it is assured.

Step 2:

Download FExplorer app on the Nokia device as through it you can move ahead in the process. Now insert your memory card on the phone and make sure that you haven’t accessed it on the device.

Step 3:

Run the app on your phone and open the path C:/system and search for the file naming mmcstore and rename it to mmcstore.txt

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Step 4:

After doing the rename of the file then copy the file and paste it to your PC. Open the file with the help of Notepad and you will be able to get the password of the memory card.

Reinsert the card on your device and type the password to unlock the memory card. You can also format your memory card in order to remove the lock or password but it remove all your files there on it.

How to Remove Memory Card Lock or Password
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