PDF files are daily accessed by people for sharing and transferring important details about a particular thing. It is used for representing various forms of documents showcasing the content present inside them for making the message to be clear. The most common use of the files is done in bank reports, circulars in office and for other types of manuscripts. PDF files are common in daily working of a person and are exchanged between the persons to share the information regarding to a particular. They are easy to formulate and contains features making them use more promptly than any other way to make a document.

Among the present characteristics the PDF file contains the feature of making it protected through the password for making it secure and private the information in it. Many banks and companies use this feature for sending the confidential mails to their customers and employees which is secret not to be seen other than to the sender. The password is acknowledged by the recipient which he/she has to enter in order to open the PDF file and to see the contents present in it and make the privacy to be maintained. Sometimes the password is unable to recall and makes the person disable to open the file for seeing the information present in it. The password plays the vital role in opening the file and to access it without trouble.


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Removing Password from PDF File:

If you want to access the PDF file which is password protected for seeing the information present in it and unable to use as password is not present for it. You can access the file through removing the password on it and opening the file without encountering any sort of trouble.

Step 1:

Go to the PDF file and right click on it then choose the Open with option present on it, select Google Chrome to open the file with the browser. Now on the browser open the Print settings through hitting Ctrl + P or by going to File option of Chrome and selecting Print to launch the print settings.

Step 2:

After this open your Google Drive account as it will be needed for performing the process, it will show the print window where you have to select the destination as Google Drive.

google drive

Step 3:

The process will start which will export the file to your Google Drive account saving it there for accessing whenever needed. Now go to your Google Drive on the browser look for the PDF file and download it on your desktop or laptop.

Step 4:

The download process will be completed in a couple of minutes and open the file which will be accessible without typing in the password to open it. The password will removed from it without any problem.


With some sites you can also remove the password from PDF File by just uploading the file to the site and waiting for a couple of seconds to decode it.

How to Remove Password from PDF File
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