YouTube is indeed the most popular video-sharing platform where people can upload their own videos for free. It’s not just done, people can even start earning by making all the useful videos and can setup a personal branding. Did you know, YouTube itself learn the way how you browse various channels and videos? You might have been noticing that the videos you have browsed recently, show up as the suggestions whenever you visit YouTube again? Well, you can remove YouTube Recommendations from Homepage easily so that you won’t be able to see those videos on the homepage of YouTube. Following report will teach you how you can do so, do follow it now!

How to Remove YouTube Recommendations from Homepage

Step 1 :

Make sure you are Signed in with your Google account when you visit YouTube.

Step 2 :

Once you are signed in, you could see particular suggestions on the homepage of your PC. Here you would see all the recently viewed videos and channels as recommendations.

Step 3 :

Now, if you don’t want to see a particular video again and again as a recommendation, just go to the end and select not interested option. See this image!

Remove YouTube Recommendations 1

Step 4 :

The other way with which you can remove YouTube Recommendations is by removing particular items from the History page.


Step 5 :

Go to the upper left side of the homepage, and select History option.

Remove YouTube Recommendations 3

Step 6 :

You could see Remove from History option there. Just select it out and remove that item. You can even clear the entire history from this page.

Remove YouTube Recommendations 2

So folks, this is how you can easily stop YouTube to recommend things whenever you visit it again. YouTube will suggest items from the channels which are already subscribed.

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How to Remove YouTube Recommendations from Homepage
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