Apple launched an intelligent personal assistant Siri with the iOS 8 aiding the user to get instant help with the iOS device providing him/her to answer questions, giving recommendations and perform activities etc. Siri was basically there in the previous versions of iOS operating system there from iOS 5 released as an integral feature of iPhone 4S in 2011. The personal assistant offers interaction with several applications like reminders, music and etc in order to provide the person easy functionality without going through each and every app. A large number of people use Siri for performing simple tasks like playing music, making calls along with launching apps.

Siri from Apple generally learns the voice of the user and acknowledges it in order to perform the asked activity as soon it hears the command from the user. The personal assistant vernaculars easily the voice and stores the voice in its memory for doing the work efficiently, more use of Siri aids the program to understand more about the accent and other aspects related to your voice. But when more than one person uses Siri than many problems arise like unable to understand the command and perform the activity along with not functioning as well it can and could. It mostly occurs when your younger siblings and children uses Siri more possibly than you but you can also make Siri to return to its initial learning stage for acknowledging the voice.


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Resetting Siri Data on iOS Device:

If you are encountering with Siri and it is not functioning properly on the given commands then you can remove the data in order to set it on the starting phase where you can train it. By resetting Siri you can make it to learn and acknowledge the pronunciation and related characteristics of your voice which will aid the actions to be precise and according to the given command.

Step 1:                                                

The process is pretty simple and will not harm the personal assistant’s working but will boost the functioning. Go to the Settings of iOS device where you will see General option there will option regarding Siri.

Step 2:

On the option you have to toggle Siri to Off and after this head to Keyboard which will be there at the bottom. You have to disable the Enable Dictation which is associated with Siri reading the received text or message.


Step 3:

You have to turn off both the options for a couple of minutes which will be needed in order to remove all the data gathered with the use of the assistant timely.

Step 4:

Now you have to enable Siri and Enable Dictation option on Keyboard simply going to Settings and then to General. After enabling both of them you will get a clean slate of Siri with you and make sure you keep the grabby paws away from you device.

How To Reset Siri Data to Make it Learn Your Voice Properly
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