Apple Watch is a portable small device which allows the iOS device to access it for getting the notification coming on the device to be managed easily. The smartwatch aids the user to track their health and fitness along with other activities which relies on the iOS device with which it connects wirelessly. Apple Watch is present in three variants in order to fill the needs and tastes of people which are Apple Watch, Sport and Edition. The variants are distinguished from others with the different combinations of bands which are interchangeable to aid the users get a new look whenever they want to.

The smartphone from Apple automatically backups the data present on it which is performed as soon you unpair the smartwatch from your iPhone or from other iOS device. The backing up process way differs from one performs on an iPhone or iPad and the backup is done by the Apple watch which is included as part of iPhone backup on iCloud and iTunes. The backup of the Apple Watch can accessed easily when you want to reset or restore the smartwatch if you want to perform it on it without any sort of trouble.

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Restoring Apple Watch Through iPhone:

If you have reset the Apple Watch in order to avoid the problem encountered while accessing it and want to restore the data from last backup developed by it. Restoration of Apple Watch is pretty simple and is somewhat similar to first time when we pair the watch with iPhone.

Step 1:

Go to the Apple Watch app present on your iPhone with the help of your Apple Watch there on your hand. On the app you have to choose the Start Pairing option in order to pair the two devices.

Step 2:

Pair the Apple Watch through scanning the face of the smartwatch with the help of the iPhone’s camera or manually performing the pairing by typing in the required data.

restore apple watch

Step 3:

As soon you complete the pairing of the Apple Watch it will offer you two distinct options one will be Set as New Apple Watch and another Restore from Backup. If you want to set it as new then select the first and to restore it choose the second one.

Step 4:

On selecting the Restore option it will ask you to choose the backup from the provided list. On choosing the particular backup the restoration of the backed up data and settings will perform which will require some time to complete ending with pairing again with the iPhone.

Apple watch restore

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How to Restore Apple Watch Through iPhone
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