Bluestacks is the best Android Emulator available for Windows and Mac systems. People who do not have an Android device can easily make use of all types of Android apps and games by using this Bluestacks App Player on their respective PCs. However, Bluestacks is like a proper Android smartphone and it won’t allow you to install all the third party apps. In order to install such apps, you have to get it rooted. Learn how to Root Bluestacks App Player for Windows PCs. A complete detailed guidelines are given below. Do follow the steps and get your Bluestacks App Player rooted!¬†

How to Root BlueStacks App Player [Working Guide]

Note : Make sure to uninstall the current version of Bluestacks App Player which is installed on your system. You’ll be given an additional version of a rooted app player soon. ¬†Kindly take backup of your important data and uninstall it first from your PC.

How to Root BlueStacks App Player [Working Guide]

Step 1 :

Download Bluestacks Tools and other additional required tools by following the below given link.

Download Bluestacks and other tools

Step 2 :

The above file contains three different folders from which you need to select the InstallBluestacks folder. Open this folder and you’ll get an installation file of that. Run the installation file and Bluestacks will start installing itself. Wait for a while till the whole process gets completed!

Step 3 :

Once the App Player gets installed, you’ll get an icon of Bluestacks on your desktop.

Step 4 :

Now, open the downloaded folder from the step 1. From the three given folders, you are requested to open Root Files folder.

Step 5 :

Here you would get three more options from which you need to select the BSnetBlocker.exe file. Right click on it and install it with administration permission. By doing so, Bluestacks will not be able to access the Internet.

Step 6 :

Now, click the icon of Bluestacks app player and start it on your PC.

Step 7 :

Now, go to the downloaded folder and open the first folder named with Bsmultitool.exe. Make sure to install this file by right clicking and choosing run as administrator option.

Step 8 :

You’ll be asked to insert a command. You’ll see a number of different options there from which you need to hit the 1 key.

Step 9 :

Rooting process will itself takes place and it will be done itself. Hit the Q button and the Window will be closed down!

You’re done with the rooting process. Your Bluestacks App Player has been rooted and you are now allowed to use and install all types of third party applications on your Windows PC. In order to check whether the Bluestacks App Player rooted or not, you can install Root Checker Pro app from Play Store and can check it out.

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How to Root BlueStacks App Player [Working Guide]
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