Evernote is a great tool offering the people all around the world to perform and create notes along with archiving the text, webpage, photograph or handwritten note easily without any sort of trouble. The tool is accessed a large number of people aiding them to develop notes which can be managed and organized efficiently. Evernote eases the person to record and store the information which can be of any form and keeping the safe along with accessible anytime from any place. The tool is available to be accessible on various platforms aiding every person to utilize it and get hands on the features offered.

The application is available in two variants one is paid and another is free but contains limited features but performs the needed function for the person. Every Evernote account contains a different and unrevealed email address allowing the person to use the email address to save the emails as notes to your Evernote notebook. Evernote user can save the email by forwarded the mail to the particular address which will be there in the notebook under heads of Notes which can be retrieved at any moment anywhere on any device. The file attachment present in the email will also be saved and archived in the Evernote Notebook.


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Saving Emails to Evernote for Backups:

As the feature is available for both free and premium account users aiding them to access it and archive their mails easily without any sort of trouble. But after 15th July 2015 Evernote restricted the number of emails which can be saved to 5 and made it a free of access service for Evernote Plus or Premium account users.

Step 1:

Still if you are basic account user of Evernote you can save the emails to Evernote Notebook easily, for this you have to acknowledge the secret email address of your account. Go to your Evernote account and open Account summary, Account Info or Account settings. If using the account on Windows then you will see the email address beside the ‘Email notes to’ option.

Step 2:

Now if you want to save more emails than offered by Evernote make sure you have an IFTTT account, if not then make one. On your IFTTT account activate the Evernote and Gmail Channels which is necessary to make sure to save the emails to your Evernote account.


Step 3:

Now open Gmail and select the email which you want to archive on Evernote. Forward the chosen email to trigger@recipe.ifttt.com putting #Evernote as subject on the subject line which will develop a note in your Evernote notebook.

Step 4:

Also you can create a fresh and new label in your Gmail with the name Evernote which when applied to any email or message will automatically go to your Evernote Notebook through IFTTT.

How to Save Emails to Evernote for Backups
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