YouTube is a popular and common way of viewing, sharing and uploading videos allowing the people all around the world to get an easy to access video watching platform. About millions of individuals daily visit to the site for seeing the numerous videos present uploaded by people serving as a unique go-to site for videos. It was initially developed in 2005 about 10 years ago and break the internet with outstanding features offered to the public observing the overwhelmed response and traffic on the site Google bought it in 2006. The company redesigned the video sharing site in 2011 and made it one of its subsidiaries allowing the people to access it with new characteristics.

Most of people use various means in order to download and save their favorite YouTube videos in order to watch them whenever they want to, also upload them to cloud storage for maintaining the uniformity in storage. The process of downloading a YouTube video from the site and then again uploading it to cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive etc is a time consuming and utilizing process which sometimes becomes irritable to perform. Imagine downloading a whole YouTube playlist each video one by one, then uploading them one by one on cloud storage provider site the whole process is annoying and somewhat eats a lot of time.


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Saving YouTube Videos to Your Google Drive Storage:

We have a solution which will aid you to avoid the time consuming process of downloading and uploading single video one by one. Numerous people have a Google account and utilize Google Drive for storing the files and folders on it for performing the backup of them. The cloud storage service can be utilized for instantly saving the favorite YouTube videos from the site and storing them at the same time avoiding the download of the videos.

Step 1:

Google allows the people to save the videos through the option ‘Google Takeout’ making the Drive user to download the videos in high resolution directly to Google Drive without any sort of trouble.

Step 2:

Click on the link and login into your Google account. It will ask you to the data of YouTube which you want to save which can be all data or any specific data as preferred by you, then click on Next button to move ahead in the process.


Step 3:

Now you have to choose the file type in which you want to save it and the delivery method. Choose the file type as .zip and the delivery method as Add to Drive.

Step 4:

After performing the above you have to click on the Create Archive button for beginning the process of downloading the YouTube videos and archiving them on your Google Drive.

-youtube to-drive

The files archived will be in .zip format and to view you have to unzip them on your system.

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