Mac offers everything that you might have been using in a Windows PC. In Windows PC deleted files saved in the Recycle bin. To restore accidentally deleted files back on a system, you need to right click on to the Recycle bin’s icon. Well, in Mac, there’s a complete different app called Trash. Yes, Trashcan is used to see the deleted files. Your deleted files can be found in the Trashcan app. You can put back the deleted files easily by visiting the Trash icon from the Dock. Today we are guiding you on how to securely delete files on Mac. Kindly follow the steps given below and learn a new trick to empty the Trashcan securely. You might also like to know : How to Use Bluetooth & Wi-Fi on Mac

How to Securely Delete Files on Mac

Step 1 :

Hover over your cursor to the Trash icon lying in the Dock. You could see the Trashcan icon on the Dock itself.

How to Securely Delete Files on Mac 3

Step 2 :

Click and hold the Trash icon, you would see a Popup saying Empty Trash.

This is how you can simply empty the entire Trashcan from your system. You will not get deleted files back after that.

Step 3 :

Now, click and hold the Trashcan icon and click the Command option.

Step 4 :

You would see a popup saying Secure Empty Trash.

How to Securely Delete Files on Mac 4

Select the option and your Trashcan will be securely deleted.

This is how you can securely deleted files from your Mac without having any interruption or unwanted virus attacks. Apart from that, there’s an instant option with which we can Securely cleared up the Trashcan.

Quick Tip to Secure Empty Trash on Mac

Step 1 :

Click the Finder icon from the main menu, besides the Apple’s icon. Or from the Dock.

How to Securely Delete Files on Mac

Step 2 :

Select Secure Empty Trash icon which is given there. You’re done instantly!

How to Securely Delete Files on Mac 2


How to Securely Delete Files on Mac
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