While accessing the internet on our desktops and systems we all encounter the websites asking the location of yours to serve and provide key precise information. The sites use the process of geolocation in which the real-world geographic location of the object is assessed through the radar source or from an internet connected system. The asked location is of great help as it makes the service provider to give the needed answer to the inquiry. Location of the user makes them to filter the prospects as to provide the details nearest to their expectations.

Suppose you want to locate a hotel or etc nearby your area then with the provided location you will be able to get the best ones nearby you. Whereas some websites misuse the location provided for giving you hyperlinks containing phishing and malicious content to access the information there on the desktop. If you are not keen on sharing the location with a particular website then we have a solution for you, through Chrome you can provide fake location to the site. The guide is provided below aiding you to acknowledge the process involved and to be performed to fake the geolocation to the service provider.


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Faking Location in Google Chrome:

The person should be using Google Chrome for performing this trick and with the browser the false location can set manually without encountering any sort of trouble.  You can easily give the location to the site preferred and make them to avoid more detailing about the area living in etc.

Step 1:

Launch Google Chrome and open the site asking you the location every time you visit it. Now press the key Ctrl+Shift+I on Windows, while on Mac press Cmd+Opt+I for launch the Chrome Developer Tools window.

Step 2:

Press Esc (Escape) key to open the Console window and then switch to emulation tab and select the sensors option present there in the left sidebar. There will be a setting with the name ‘Emulate Geolocation Coordinates’

how to fake you location

Step 3:

Now you can select and provide the wanted exact longitude and latitude coordinates to be shared on the website also you can utilize the Postal Address finder to acknowledge coordinates of the area.

Step 4:

After doing this you have to refresh the page and you will be able to see the fake location specified by you. Check that when you are using the page the developers tools panel is there visible and everything in position otherwise the Chrome will overrule the geolocation made by you.


This trick is for Google Chrome as in Mozilla Firefox the feature of faking the geolocation is not allowed in DevTools, through an add-on named Geolocator you can send any desired location to HTML5 with ease.

How to Set A Fake Location in Chrome
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