While using a Mac OS on the system a person often uses the Finder window which is the pre-installed and default file manager of the operating system. Through the help of it the users can launch the applications and use them for performing the working, it works as the all over user manager of files, disks and network volumes etc. On Finder the files with the folders are showcased in appropriate and simple icons which look just like Safari browser from Apple. The user can easily organize and manage the files easily just by moving from locations back and forward arrow buttons.

The main problem on accessing the Finder window many people often fussy problems as sometimes opens in small size and afterwards when accessed it opens more than the usual size. The behavior is a little bit of frustrating as many people want the size to be usual every time and same to make the working to be proper. Not every user finds it painful to perform the resizing of Finder window every time it is being opened for using the applications for doing various activities. Encountering the same thing on your Mac OS then you set a fixed size preferred by you on Finder window on Mac easily in order to execute the function.


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Setting A Finder Window With Preferred Size on Mac:

The finder window will open in the selected size after performing the process which makes the time consumed in order to resize each and every window is avoided aiding to complete a task easily. Many people tried a lot of tweaks and commands in order to set their preferred size on Finder window but failed in the process to do so on their Mac system.

Step 1:

Open your Mac system and go to any Finder window opened by you to perform the resizing of the window just as you want to set it. Now resize it to the size which is perfect and allows you to perform the other activities whenever you work on the system.

Step 2:

After performing the resize you have to clear and close all the windows. You clear all the windows one by one or by hitting Command+Options+W and close button will close all the windows at once saving the time.


Step 3:

For setting the size as default on Finder you have to hold down the Option key, then right-click on Finder icon and choose the Relaunch option.

The process is pretty simple and after completion you will be able to get a decent and settled Finder window on your system easily without any sort of difficulty.

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