Windows 10 is now officially launched for people allowing them accessing the changes and new features providing them a significant upraise in the performance of the system more than the expectations made. The newly released operating system made a lot of buzz and attention due to launch of Technical Preview which made the users to acknowledge the whole content offered in the package available for them. About 14 million people worldwide downloaded and updated to Windows 10 which showcases the fact that how eagerly the users scattered in different parts of world were waiting for the new OS to get their hands on it.

As the new operating system contains a lot of tweaks and tricks allowing the people to increase the using experience and get more from the system through the help of them. Windows 10 just like its previous version offers the users to interchange the background of lock screen but there is no option to change the login screen background which will be same. Many people want to change the login screen as similar they can change their login screen just as they set up their lock screen, if you really eager to change the login screen then see the guide provided below.

Windows 10

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Setting a Login Screen on Windows 10:

The company doesn’t provide any sort of registry hack or policy to set the login screen on your Windows 10. But some tweakers have found their way to do so on their system by reaching the file which is used by the operating system for the login screen. There is a third-party application which can be used for modify the lock screen for setting the preferred image as login screen. Before performing the process be sure about it as it modify and change the system file of Windows 10.

Step 1:

If you surely want to do this and willing to encounter the risk of modifying Windows 10’s system’s file then you have to download a third-party app which will aid you in the process to do so.

Step 2:

Among the several tools present on the internet offering you to aid in order to change the login screen background of Windows 10 we found Windows 10 Login Image Changer. As to get the tool you perform a login into the forum register yourself there which is long process so we have a direct download link helping you to perform all this. It worked properly on the system but it popped up some issues on the system regarding the permissions to be granted.

Windows 10 Login screen

Step 3:

Download the tool from the link provided and install the file by unzipping the .zip file on your system. Launch the tool as the installation completes then select the image by choosing the Select an image option.

Step 4:

On choosing the desired image it will show you a preview of the selected image as the login screen if you like it then click on Apply Changes option to make it as login screen.

How To Set the Preferred Image As Login Screen on Windows 10
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