Mac OS offers the people some brilliant features to make the working experience to be of top-level and allowing the user to have a great time while using the features offered. Apple has developed the operating system for their Macintosh computers since 2002; the company has updated the Mac OS from OS 9 which was launched in 1999 to OS X. Mac OS X is on fourth on the list of most popular operating systems accessed for general purposes and comes second to Microsoft’s Windows OS in widely used desktop, laptop and home computer operating system.

We all download and set our favorite images present on the system as the wallpaper for viewing it whenever we access our desktop. Most of people accessing the Mac OS set the image or picture as their wallpaper by right-clicking on the particular image or photo there in a particular location on the drive. The process is the fastest means of changing the desktop background on Mac and is used commonly by many Mac users to place an image as the wallpaper. But some individuals are different as they love to explore new and innovative ways to perform a simple usual task, for them we have the guide through which they can set wallpaper in a diverse way than the plain one.

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Set Wallpaper on Mac OS X Through Command Line:

Other just right-clicking on a photo you can set the wallpaper through the help Mac’s command line that can be useful in various situations from the setup script to automating etc. If you are a person who seeks for other ways to do an activity then you must see the below report for understanding the process to set the wallpaper on Mac OS X from the command line.

Step 1:

For using the command line on Mac OS X we have to utilize an osascript command that will be there on the front end of AppleScript. There will be no sort of trouble which will be encountered on the desktop while performing and running the command on Mac.

Step 2:

The command is osascript -e ‘tell application “Finder” to set desktop picture to POSIX file “/path/to/picture.jpg, which has to be entered on the command line for performing the process.

command line

Step 3:

For example the name of image is batman-flying-city then the command which will be osascript -e ‘tell application “Finder” to set desktop picture to POSIX file “/path/to/batman-flying-city.jpg.

There will no sort of confirmation window pop-up, but the wallpaper will be set within seconds. The problem with this process is that it will not work on multiple monitor setups as the wallpaper on main display will change not on the secondary one.

How to Set Wallpaper on Mac OS X Through Command Line
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