Apple Music is a new service launched and developed by Apple Inc. providing the people and followers to get the music streaming experience like never encountered before. The service contains a lot of features providing the people to utilize the features to get entertainment and a great pleasurable time with it. First you have to purchase the trial subscription pack of the streaming service which will last up to 3 months and will offer complete user experience as expected by you. Despite of being available in paid form about 42 million people have purchased it and are using the music streaming service with inherit characteristics.

For iOS users Apple have made some custom ringtones for them offering them to get some brilliant sounds as their ringtones and among the preinstalled ringtones the most popular one is Radar. Even though the presence some good ringtones many of us want are unable to get the one ringtone to be set as alarm, wanting to set the favorite song as the alarm tone and hear every time the alarm buzzes. If you want to set your favorite song as alarm on your iOS device then you can do this through the help of Apple Music. Today we are providing you a guide through which you can set your favorite song as alarm with Apple Music.


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Setting Favorite Song as Alarm with Apple Music:

You can easily make the song as your alarm tone through the help of Apple Music allowing you to listen on buzzing of the alarm. Through this you will wake up to the selected song or playlist as preferred by you on the iOS device. You have to make sure that you have the latest iOS 9 update and have subscribed to Apple Music on the device in order to perform the process.

Step 1:

Open the Apple Music and choose the song which you want to set as the alarm. At the bottom of the right corner of the title of the song you see a three dot line, tap on it. Select the Make Available Offline option on it.

Step 2:

The option will download the particular chosen song; ensure that there is space in the device to make sure that the download can be done. After the download process is completed you have to open the Clock application on your iOS device.


Step 3:

Now you have to set a new alarm which can be created by tapping on the plus icon present in the right. Select the desired hour and minute as you want it to go off and go to the Sound option beneath it.

Step 4:

You can choose preinstalled ringtone or the songs as the alarm sound. If you find the chosen track on the Songs then select it, if not then you have to select the Pick a Song option. After this you have to make a couple of tries as the song might be under various metrics like Artists, Albums etc.

Select the Song and save the alarm which will go off at the chosen time with your favorite song selected.

How To Set Your Favorite Song as Alarm With Apple Music
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