Looking for a way to block all the unwanted advertisements from your Android apps and games? Get annoyed with all such unwanted stuffs while browsing something on an Android? Well, you are just a step away to do so. AdBlock Plus, an Android app which is specially designed for all the Androids to block down ads from an Android device. Installing this app is an easy process, but most of the users don’t know how to set it up. Learn how to Setup AdBlock Plus on Android to Block Ads from the given report. Follow this tutorial now!

AdBlock Plus for Android Main

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Note : There are two different ways to setup AdBlock Plus app on Rooted and Non-rooted Android smartphones.

How to Setup AdBlock Plus on Android to Block Ads

Step 1 :

Go to Settings > Applications on your Android.

Step 2 :

Navigate to Unknown sources and mark it up. By doing so, the option will be enabled and you will be allowed to install thrid party apps to your Android.

Step 3 :

Now, follow the below given link to download the APK file of AdBlock Plus app.

Download AdBlock Plus for Android

Step 4 :

Transfer this file to your Android smartphone and install the app by tapping on the APK file.

Step 5 :

If your device is a Rooted one, you will be asked for Super user permissions to use the app after tapping on it. Select the option and allow Super user permissions. All the Ads will be blocked from your Android.

Step 6 :

If your device is a Non-rooted one, you need to follow some more instructions first. Following link will guide you about configuring the app on your device. The given instruction is easy and simply described so that anyone can easily follow it.

Configure your AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus for Android

After this, all the unwanted advertisements will start the process of blocking down the ads. You can set the app by choosing the given options.

This is how you can block all the unwanted ads from your Android Apps and Games by using AdBlock Plus app. Apart from this, AdBlock Plus extension is also available for Firefox browser. Install Firefox browser on your Android and tap on to Add-on option. Add AdBlock Plus extension and you’re done. All the unwanted ads will no longer available on your Android!

How to Setup AdBlock Plus on Android to Block Ads
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