iCloud is a great means for safeguarding the emails, contacts, calendar and other related items for Apple users which is accessed by them majorly. In order to utilize an Apple device you have to set an iCloud address which works similar likes Gmail in any Android device. iCloud is one of most accessed service offered from Apple aiding the people in many ways which provides them numerous features and helping in the working to be resultant as expected by them. Through it Apple users can easily manage and organize their iPhone, iPad and other products offered by the company.

The problem with the services provided by Apple that it doesn’t work properly with other ecosystems, like if you shift from iOS to Android then you will face a lot of trouble. Among other difficulties many people encounter the major one is iCloud as while using an iOS device which contains a lot of data and it can be accessed through Android just like Gmail. If you are switching from iOS to Android and want to access your created iCloud account on Android device then you can easily do it from after viewing this report.


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Setting iCloud Account on Android:

Every Android device contains an inbuilt Email app with Gmail which can be used for setting the iCloud account on your smartphone or tablet easily without any sort of trouble. It may vary from device and not function like the other stock email app present on any other Android device, but the process is similar on all pre-installed Email application.

Step 1:

Go to App Drawer of your Android device and scroll where you will find the Email application beside other apps, tap on it and go to Menu of the app.

Step 2:

On Menu select the Add Account option and a window will open that will ask you to enter the email address and password. Type in the iCloud email address with the password then tap on Manual Setup option. Now it will ask that what form of account is this, there you have to select IMAP.

icloud setup

Step 3:

Selecting the IMAP option the device will ask you to setup an inbound IMAP server there you have to enter the following credentials

IMAP server: imap.mail.me.com

Username: [your-username]@icloud.com

Password: Apple ID password

Port number: 993

Set the Security Type to SSL/TLS making it accepting all certificates. After this tap on Next for moving ahead in the process.

Step 4:

Now you have to set and configure the SMTP server for managing your outgoing mail, type in the following information.

SMTP server: smtp.mail.me.com

Username: [your-username]@icloud.com

Password: Apple ID password

Port number: 587

Make sure you set the Security Type to SSL/TLS to perform the process properly for getting the desired result. Tap on Next to complete the procedure for setting up your iCloud address.

After this you will be able to access your iCloud account easily without any sort of trouble.

How To Setup iCloud Account on Android
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