Passwords serve as the key for the lock on the accounts made by the person on different websites to access the services provided by them. We also have input the password in order to authorize the information and confirm transaction. You must have noticed that while typing in the password the initials turn into stars or asterisks in order to avoid the visual of the password to the person behind you. We all save our usernames on the browser to make the password to be saved on the internet browser for accessing the account instantly along with you can have the password when you forget it.

Have you tried to find out that what is behind the stars in the situations to get to know it. Many times people forget their passwords and face the insecurity issues avoiding them to access their account on the site. The password is the only way of opening an account and utilizing it for the purpose to be done at the needed moment. If you want to see the hidden passwords in Chrome & Firefox with revealing the stars and asterisks through which it is hidden on the page.

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Show Hidden Passwords in Chrome & Firefox:

The hidden passwords are concealed on the browser with the help of the simple HTML and CSS means which can be seen by changing the value of the specific. The change will aid you to get the exact view that is behind the asterisks on the browser whether on Chrome or Firefox. We have provided you a trick through which you can get the needed result on the browser without any trouble or problem.

For Chrome:

Step 1:

Open the website of which you have saved password on your browser. After the site is been loaded then right-click on it to begin the process, select the Inspect element option. On choosing it a new window will open at the side of the browser.

inspect_element in chrome

Step 2:

Scroll down on it where you will find the highlighted part on the window. See for the word type=password on the highlighted part, now replace the ‘password’ word with ‘text’. After completing it you have to ensure that it looks like ‘type=text’ and hit enter on finishing the change.

chrome-code in inspectchrome-code in inspect

Step 3:

On hitting the enter key you will see the page will change the asterisks to the input password in text form.

For Firefox:

The process is same for Firefox just has some variation as the browser is way different from Chrome in terms of functioning. Perform the Step 1 and then you have Click on the Mark-up Panel which will reveal a set of codes. Search for the highlighted part on the panel and focus on it, reaching on it you have to perform the Step 2 the interchange of words to see the text behind the stars.


Also you can have extension like Show My Password on Firefox to see the password without any sort of trouble. Misuse of the trick may harm the privacy of others avoid using it systems of people to see their passwords.

firefox word-change

How to Show Hidden Passwords in Chrome & Firefox (Reveal the Stars & Asterisks)
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