Apple’s Notification Center is way more organized than any other notification bars on Android or any other smartphone platforms. You can receive all types of alerts in terms of notifications on your iOS device’ display. You would see the notifications instantly on your display without doing nothing. You can swipe on the notification to clear it off as well. More importantly, you can change the order of notifications whenever you want to so that you won’t miss even a single precious moment as in notification alerts of your device. See how to sort and order notifications in Notification Center on iPhone & iPad by following the below given steps. iOS Notification Center

How to sort notifications center automatically by date and time

Step 1 :

First thing you need to do is launch the Settings app by visiting the main apps menu from your iPad or iPhone.

Step 2 :

There you could see an option Notification Center. You need to tap it out.

Step 3 :

Under the option, you could see two different options. You either can select it manually or by the current date. Make sure to select Sort by time option from there.

You’re done with the changes to your Notification alerts. By now, you would only receive the notifications of the current date and time. If you want to make changes manually, kindly follow the below given steps and set it manually from your device itself.

How to sort notifications center manually

Step 1 :

Kindly open the apps menu and launch Settings app from your iOS device.

Step 2 :

Tap on Notification Center option from the same page.

Step 3 :

Tap on to Sort Manually option from the same page.

Step 4 :

Now, at the top right corner, you would see an option Edit, tap it out.

Step 5 :

Under the Include Section, you can drag out the items you want to receive the notifications of. Simply put them in orders so that you can receive the notifications of your much needed items only.

Step 6 :

After this, simply tap on to Done option and you’ll be done with the changes to your Notification Center.

This is how you can simply make changes to the Notification Center of your iOS device i.e an iPhone or an iPad. You would see the notifications of the items you have chosen. If you need any further help regarding the same issue, do let us know in the comments given below the post. We’d definitely like to help you out with proper solutions.

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