Google Chrome is been at the top of list for a long time when one talks about internet browsers for accessing the internet on the desktops and laptops. The web browser is loaded with features providing the user to get an outstanding working experience and get the process to be performed easily. About 51% of the total web browser market is being held by Chrome and serves as the most popular mobile browser for phones. Chrome was developed by Google about 7 years ago in 2008 for providing people an easy and instant open source browsing platform through which they can browse the internet without any sort of trouble.

While browsing and surfing the net we often encounter several pages which have a large of links and after a time you will numerous tabs opened on the browser of no use. In order to avoid rectify it we all open them in a new window but it is also a complex process. First open the link in a new window, then aligning them to each other resizing them side by side. For this there is a shortcut and a way to make it easy simple for opening the link in a new window. NiftySplit is a useful Chrome extension dividing Chrome window in equal halves to make the usage to be nice and elegant.


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Splitting Chrome into Two Windows:

The extension divides the Chrome window into two equal proportions making them aligned side by side providing the user to perform the browsing easily. NiftySplit makes the window to divide in original one and other one the linked page being on right any link clicked will be launched in the right-hand Chrome window. With this you can save yourself from opening back and forward of page hopping avoiding the time consumption. The chrome extension is valuable extension for the people performing a mass work on the browser while accessing the internet.


NiftySplit for Chrome

Step 1:

Download the NiftySplit extension from the link provided above and install it on your Chrome browser.

Step 2:

Launch Google Chrome and open the site where you have to go the webpage which have numerous links on it. Go to the link and right-click on it.

Step 3:

On the menu you will see an option naming Open as NiftySplit Window which will launch the link in a separate Chrome window by dividing the original window in two.


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How to Split Chrome into Two Windows
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