There comes a time when you actually want to save something important displayed on your phone’s screen. What would you do in such condition? Would you go for a book and a pen to note it down? Or would you ask for someone to help you out with it? Well well well, you don’t need to do anything as a smartphone features Screen Capture to take a Screenshot of your phone’s display. You could easily take a Snap of whatever displayed on your screen instantly. Learn how to take a screenshot on HTC One M8 by following the report given below! HTC One M8

There are many reasons why you need to take a Screenshot of something displayed on your phone’s screen. Sometimes you want to share something with your friends. Sometimes you just need to save it for future. There could be any reasons, but you should learn it first.

How to Take a Screenshot on HTC One M8

HTC One M8 smartphone has a number of Keys like a Power Key at the top side. Volume Down and Volume Up Keys. Home key, launch key.

HTC One M8

In order to take a Screenshot on HTC One, you just need to Press the Power Key and Volume Down Key at the same time. Make sure you press both of them at the same time. The Screenshot will be captured and you could see it in the notification area of your phone. You could fetch the Screenshots from the Gallery app itself.

How to Take a Screenshot on HTC One M8
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