Indian Smartphone Manufacturer Micromax’s most popular smartphone, Micromax A350 Canvas Knight is once again in the news by getting its new OS update. Well, the phone is still on the top selling smartphone in the mid range category because of its super sleek and handy design. It looks perfect and gives you the best experience of using a smartphone as it has got all the advanced features of a high range devices. If you are using the same smartphone, learn to take a Screenshot on Micromax A350 Canvas Knight smartphone by following the below given steps.

Micromax A350 Canvas Knight

How to Take a Screenshot on Micromax A350 Canvas Knight

Step 1 :

Open the app or a screen or anything to take a Screenshot from your Micromax A350 Canvas Knight smartphone.

Step 2 :

Now, press and hold the Power Key and Volume Down Key for about 3 seconds. Make sure to press both the buttons simultaneously.

Step 3 :

You’ll be heard a Camera Shutting sound at the very next moment which indicates that your screenshot has been taken.

In order to view the recently captured Screenshot, you just need to drag down the notification bar. You would see a picture right there. On the other hand, you can open the Gallery app and select the Screenshots folder. Here you would see all the Screenshots taken by your phone.

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How to Take a Screenshot on Micromax A350 Canvas Knight
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