Screenshots are a great way to save something important instantly on a smartphone. There comes a time when you want to save up something displayed on your smartphone. To share with your friends, to keep you reminded about, to upload it somewhere or whatever the reason, taking a Screenshot has always been a crucial thing one can ever do on a smartphone. If you owned a OnePlus One smartphone, know how to take a Screenshot on OnePlus One smartphone by following the report given below!OnePlus OneYou might also like this : How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

How to Take a Screenshot on OnePlus One

Step 1 :

Go to the screen or open the screen that you want to capture on a smartphone.

Step 2 :

Now, press and hold Volume Down and Power button together. You’ll hear a Camera Shutter sound. The screenshot has been taken successfully!

Power button is at the right side of the phone and the Volume Button is at the left side of the device.

Step 3 :

You can explore the Screenshots by opening the Gallery app from your device. There’d be a special Screenshots option to your phone’s Gallery app. Kindly open the app and explore all of your Screenshots easily.

OnePlus One is the latest one in the market and for that very same reason, there’s one more way to take Screenshot. Follow these steps.

Step 1 :

Open the Settings menu of your device. Open apps menu and select Settings option from that page.

Step 2 :

Select Buttons option and you would see a page to set it up various things. Enable Screenshots option from the given list.

Step 3 :

Now, open the screen that you want to capture from your phone.

Step 4 :

Press and hold the Power button, a menu will be presented. There you could see an option, Screenshot. Press that option and the screen will be captured easily!


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