Got a new Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone? Want to learn some special tricks to use it effectively? Here we have compiled all the cool ways with which you can instantly take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone. Like you know, there are many reasons why you should take Screenshots on your smartphone. You might want to save it for something, you might even want to share it with your friends or whatever it is. Follow the below given report in order to take a proper Screenshot from your Galaxy A7. Samsung Gakaxy A7You might also like this : How to Take a Screenshot on OnePlus One

Basically, there are two ways with which you can take a Screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone. First with the available Buttons and the second is with the swiping gestures. Following we have prepared both the tutorials!

How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A7 with Buttons

Step 1 :

Open the page you want to capture. It could be anything, an app, or a web page or anything. Kindly open it up.

Step 2 :

Now, press Power and Home buttons together. By doing this you will get an instant Screenshot of your display. You would hear the Capturing sound as well from the device.

Step 3 :

Your Screenshot has been captured and you can easily navigate to it from the notification bar.

The next way of taking the Screenshots is by using the Palm-swipe gesture. Follow these simple steps to take Screenshot from a Samsung Galaxy A7 device.

How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A7 with Palm-Swipe Gesture?

Step 1 :

Make sure to enable the Gesture for taking the Screenshot. Open the Settings page and select Motion menu.

Step 2 :

Search for the Hand Motions option and select Palm-Swipe to gesture check box. By selecting it, the option will be enabled.

Step 3 :

Now, close down everything and open the screen to be captured with a Screenshot.

Step 4 :

Now, swipe your finger horizontally and gesture will enable itself. The Screenshot will be captured itself and you could see it in the notification bar.

In order to view the Screenshots you’ve recently taken from your phone, you just need to open the Gallery app from your device. Select the Screenshots folder where you would see all the Screenshots taken by this phone!

How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A7
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