Nowadays, everyone uses a smartphone studded with a set of advanced features. However, most of they are not aware about the special tricks to get many of their important tasks done. If you are using an Android smartphone, you can easily try out plenty of things on it. On of the quickest trick is taking a Screenshot on the phone. We’re listing almost all the smartphones with this trick. Today, we are guiding you on how you can take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J1 4G smartphone. Do follow the below given steps to do so.Samsung Galaxy J1 4G

How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J1 4G

Step 1 :

Open an app or a screen or anything to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J1 4G smartphone.

Step 2 :

Now, press and hold power button and tap on to Home button together. Make sure to do it perfectly at the same time.

Step 3 :

Camera shutting sound will be heart. You’ve taken a perfect screenshot of whatever displayed on the device.

In order to view the captured screenshot, just drag down the notification panel, tap on to the Screenshot displayed over there. The Screenshot will be right there on your screen. Apart from this, you can even open and view an entire Screenshot album by visiting the gallery app.

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