Samsung has recently launched two of its top range smartphones within theĀ  Samsung Galaxy S series. Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of them. There are many reasons why Samsung has become the most trusted brand in the field of Smartphones. Samsung provides you the best of technology at an affordable price tag so that anyone can easily get their hands-on with such technology by using smartphones. If you are a proud owner of Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone, know how to take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S6 by following the report given here.

Samsung Galaxy S6

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Samsung has a bunch of smartphones for all kinds of people out there. Now, no need to note down important things from your Smartphone as you can easily take a proper Screenshot of whatever displayed on the screen at ease. Just hold on a combination of Keys and take an instant Screenshot in a couple of moments. Follow these steps to take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone.

How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S6

Step 1 :

Open the page you want to capture within the phone.

Step 2 :

Now, press and hold Power button and Home button together. Make sure to press and hold both the buttons together. At the very next moment, you’ll hear a camera shutter sound which means you’ve just captured a screenshot.

Step 3 :

In order to view Screenshots, open the Gallery app from your device. You could see Screenshots folder right there. Open it up and you’ll be able to view all the Screenshots Captured by your Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone.

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