Screenshots are quite useful for people as it aids them to get the whole matter of the content and see the matter precisely as the image of the content have a detailed view of it. They can be utilized for performing various activities like education, presentations etc, providing an impressive viewing on the content. There are many screenshot software offered for the browsers to be downloaded and installed for capturing the screen and content as desired by the user. They are quick and easy to use allowing the user to get the desired result in less time avoiding the user to save the time consumed while saving the entire page.

For the people using Chrome and Firefox users there are standalone screenshot add-ons allowing them to get the desired content present on a particular webpage. These add-ons are efficient and functional working according to the expectations of the user providing them. Some screenshot software present in the internet are not able to get the full page shot which makes the person to take multiple shots for a single page. Through this a person is restricted to get only the prescribed and limited content capture of the webpage and making the person to avoid the detailed view. We have the guide through which you will be able to utilize the screenshot add-on on your Chrome and Firefox browser to get the whole page shot without any sort of trouble.


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Taking Screenshot of the Whole Page in Chrome and Firefox:

Nimbus Screenshot is a good screenshot extension for browsers like Chrome and Firefox allowing the person to capture the screenshot of the whole page. The captured image can be saved on disk along with exporting it to Google Drive printing it at once as desired. The person can customize the image and do editing on the screenshot for customizing it as preferred.

Nimbus Screenshot for Chrome

Nimbus Screenshot for Firefox


Step 1:

Download the add-ons for the Chrome & Firefox from the links provided above and install them on your browser to access them. Launch any of the two browsers suppose Chrome and open the site of which you want to  take screenshot of the whole page.

Step 2:

When the site is been fully loaded then to go to the end of the Address bar on the Chrome browser there you will find an N icon which is for launching Nimbus Screenshot add-on. Click on it and select the option Entire Page to capture the whole page.

Step 3:

With it you will be get the image of the whole webpage and its contents to view them clearly as to be desired by the person.

How to Take Screenshot of the Whole Page in Chrome and Firefox
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