Steam is a popular platform for playing high-end games offering the people present all around to enjoy and have their hands on games loved by them. The platform is more than means of gaming providing the people a place where they can do distribution of digital rights and do social networking to connect with people of similar interests. Steam allows the people to chat with people in middle of their games for making the experience of using the platform to be unexpected and next to overwhelming to make the aims of the company behind it clear. Valve developed Steam about 12 years to provide the people who are gaming freaks to have a distinct and feature richen platform to increase the gaming experience to be of next level.

While playing a game on Steam we all encounter some unusual and extraordinary moments which can be worth of showing to others. These moments can be unlocking of a new mode, a great move and many more which can aid your friends or people whom you know to gain some expertise through it. If you think that you can’t show your awesome moments then you are quite wrong as we have the guide through which you can capture a screenshot on the game on Steam. Without exiting the game you can get a screenshot of the gameplay and you don’t have to paste the image to MS Paint to save it. The Steam allows you to get the pictures of the gameplay of your favorite game with encountering any sort of trouble.


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Taking Screenshot on Steam While Playing Games:

The screenshot function of Steam allows you to get the glimpse of the game while playing and share it with other people through Facebook and etc.

Step 1:

Open Steam and login to your account. You have to go to the Settings of Steam to make the changes for capturing the screenshot on the game while playing without any difficulty.

Step 2:

On the Settings you will see In-Game tab click on it and configure the key for determining it to take the screenshot at once when hit in middle of the game. Try to set a key which has no or less use while enjoying the game.


Step 3:

You can also set the desired folder for saving the shots captured on the disk. Along with this the modification can be done for taking a screenshot like when to be taken and other options set as wanted.

Step 4:

After the settings are performed then go to game in which you want to capture and take the screenshots. Right-Click on the game and select the properties, then tick the box labeled with Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game.


Start the game and simply press the button configured by you for taking screenshots when you were playing it on Steam with ease.


How to Take Screenshot on Steam While Playing Games
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