YouTube is a popular means of viewing and uploading videos widely accessed by a large number of people around the world. Through the help of the site you can watch, share and upload any videos and it makes use of WebM, H.264/MPEG-4 and Adobe Flash technology for running the videos with ease. Earlier it worked as an independent organization, but after 2006 it was bought by Google and was made a part of the subsidiaries of the company. YouTube is viewed by billions of people on a daily utilizing the services and having a great time.

As you all know how easily you can capture the screenshot on your system of any content and easily share it with others. Other than capturing the screenshots of the page, program or app, you can also capture the screenshots of any particular YouTube videos and save them on your desktop easily. You might think it might not be possible, but today we have the trick through which you can take screenshots of YouTube videos easily on the system without any trouble. Below is the guide aiding you to acknowledge the process required to perform to do so.


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Taking Screenshots of YouTube Videos Easily:

You don’t need to download and install any sort of tool or application in order to capture the screenshot of YouTube videos. There are many plugins aiding the user to capture the screenshot by don’t ensure the quality and result as anticipated from them.

Step 1:

Launch your browser and go to YouTube for starting the process. Open the video of which you want to take the screenshot. If you have a slow internet connection make sure that the particular video has been buffered fully.

Step 2:

Now play the video in Full screen mode and when reaching the point or time, pause the video and press Print Screen key along with Windows key to capture the screenshot of the video.


Step 3:

Open an image editing tool like Microsoft Paint to move ahead in the process. Move to the Edit menu and paste the image by Ctrl+V. Now with the offered characteristics and features crop the additional and unwanted portions of the capture screenshot. After doing this, save the image in .PNG format for ensuring the best quality.

The process will won’t work for capturing screenshots of movie frames, playing in the media player.

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How to Take Screenshots of YouTube Videos
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