Majority of email service providers allow the people who have their account on the platform to store up their contacts in order to save them and maintain a backup of it. The saved contacts served as an additional source to get communications at the time when needed and no available from the source (phone).  A large number of people use Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook for storing the contacts as Gmail and Outlook contacts are directly linked and synced to Android and Windows Phone mobile operating system making the user to instant reach to the contacts stored on it.

Mostly of the people use Gmail as their primary email address and use it to store up their contacts to save them for accessing on the needed time. The main problem generally people encounter is the consequences after switching from their primary email address to a new one as the person has to perform the transfer of various contents like emails, contacts etc. The transfer process is a huge task and requires a lot of time, as using the primary email address for a number of years and will contain a big amount of data. We have a guide through which you can simply transfer the stored and saved contacts on Gmail to Outlook without any sort of inconvenience.


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Transferring Contacts from Gmail to Outlook:

Basically the people transfer their contacts from one email address to another by copying them one by one which is a tiresome task as it requires time and concentration as one left contact after all the work done is a lot annoying. The guide provided below will aid you to transfer the all contacts in one go and avoiding them to copy them one at a time.

Step 1:

Launch your browser and login into your Gmail account. Go to drop down menu present after the Gmail logo in top left corner of the page, click on it and select Contacts. You will be redirected to a new tab where you can see the contacts stored up in the email address.

Step 2:

Now go to More option and select export to start compiling of the saved files. A new box will open asking you ‘Which contacts you want to Export?’ select the contacts which you want to export or if you want to export all of them then select All contacts checkbox.


Step 3:

The box will also ask the format in which you want to export and save them to the desktop. Choose Outlook CSV format as it will aid you to import the contacts in Outlook easily. After this click on Export option and the file will saved on the desktop. Login to your and go to Import/Export option which will open a wizard where you have to choose Import from another program or file, then click on Next to move ahead.

Step 4:

After this you have to choose the Comma separated values option and then click on Next, where you have to select the file created in the previous step. Pick one of the options available for the Duplicate entries and again click on next. Choose the folder for storing the contacts and verify it.

How to Transfer Contacts from Gmail to Outlook
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