A large number of people access the social networking sites through the accounts created by them aiding them to view the social life aspects of internet present on it. Among the numerous social networking sites Facebook has the hefty number of users which are active on the platform for connecting and communicating with others. The social networking site contains many features which are liked by people and attract them for creating account on it in order to access the features offered by it. Facebook is updated regularly for improving the efficiency and performance provided to the users to increase the experience encountered by them.

Many people didn’t of the new feature offered by the social networking site to its users which aids them to transfer money to friends easily. People didn’t acknowledge this feature as it was silently released by Facebook without calling any sort of attraction towards this new promising option. With the help of the Facebook’s Money transfer option you can send money to your friends without experiencing any sort of trouble. The process is simple to perform and aids you to transfer the money with speed which can be done through the messenger or with the desktop.

fb money transfer

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Transferring Money to Friends with Facebook’s Money Transfer Option:

Step 1:

Open your browser and go to Facebook, then login to your Facebook account. Now go to Chat and select the person to whom you want to send the money through the option. Open the chat window of the person and you will see an icon resembling a small coin at the bottom of the chat window, click on it.

Step 2:

As you are using the feature for the first time it will greet you with the initial prompt and ask you the amount which you want to send or transfer. For new user Facebook has set a limit of $500 which will gradually be increased with usage. After the selection of the amount click on Next to proceed ahead.

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Step 3:

Being your first transaction on Facebook it will ask you to state your debit card number along with the month and year etc. After you have entered the asked information click on Pay. The input information is checked and approved you have to click on Pay to initiate the transfer.

Step 4:

On the completion of transfer it will show you a confirmation window about it. You will be ask if you want to set a password after the first transfer made for the transactions done by you in the near future. You can also manage your payment settings after this in order to get more control on the transfer of money when done on Facebook.


The person to whom the money is being transferred can cash it out with the help of different option like depositing to a checking account along with spending on the merchandise offered by Facebook through the store.

How to Transfer Money to Friends With Facebook’s Money Transfer Option
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