With the iOS 9 update Apple provided many big changes to the people using the mobile operating system for increasing and richening the user experience encountered while accessing the devices.  The added features and changes making the user to perform the functions easily with the expected efficiency. iOS 9 makes the accessibility of the devices like iPhone, iPad or iTouch more easy and aiding the user to access the applications for performing the functions as they want to on their device with getting expected result.

iOS 9 update also bought many significant changes regarding the keyboard for providing the iOS user to get next world accessing experience on keyboard which differs a lot from the first iPhone. While taping on the keys on the keyboard on our iOS device we all hear to an audible click on it, the click showcases the tap on the keys present on the keyboard. The little clicking sound on the keyboard every time you access the keyboard on your iOS device is liked by people providing them a sound effect aiding them to use the virtual keyboard easily. But the same scenario is not with some people who are using keyboard on their iOS device making them to feel obstructive and annoyed with the sound.

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Turn off Keyboard Sounds on Your iOS Device:

If you are often annoyed with clicking sound disrupting while typing through the help of iOS keyboard then you can easily turn it off on your device through the guide provided here aiding you to disable and turn off the keyboard sound which you will not hear while typing.

Step 1:

Go to the Settings of your iOS device and there you will find Sound option tap on it for disabling the clicking sound heard while typing on the iOS Keyboard.

Step 2:

On the option you will see the tones regarding different notifications and functions which aid the users to acknowledge the process is running and message from certain app has arrived. Scroll down to reach the option regarding the keyboard on the device.

Step 3:

Down you will see a toggle named Keyboard Click which will be enabled by default and for turning off you have to slide the bar to left.


On moving the slider the clicking sound on the iOS keyboard will mute and turned off avoiding you to get annoyed and distracted with it. You can also enable the keyboard click if you want to through moving the slider towards right.

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How To Turn Off Keyboard Sounds on Your iOS Device
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