There are numerous social networking sites present on the internet which have made a huge impact on our lives offering us to get the characteristics for connecting with other people socially and interact with them. Among the many names Facebook and Twitter have survived the competition making their names big and aiding the people all around to be social aware through them. Both of sites have a large following and many individuals have their accounts using them to build the social relations with people sharing similar interests, backgrounds etc interacting them to get to know more about them.

Twitter about two months ago introduced their video autoplay feature which automatically plays the video, GIFs and Vines as the user sees them on his/her Twitter account’s timeline or on other person’s timeline. The feature is enabled by default which makes the user to avoid the click or tap on the video in order to play it which is liked by a lot of play as it smoothens and increases the video watching experience. There are many difficulties which are encountered by people on accessing their Twitter account due to the Video Autoplay option making the usage of account to become sluggish and improper.

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Turning Off Video Autoplay on Twitter:

The social networking site is largely utilized by people from their mobile devices which provide them instant access to their account and profile whenever they want. Video Autoplay on Twitter consumes a large amount of data which makes the user to lose it on such a video which he/she don’t want to watch present on the timeline. There is a way through which you can easily disable or restrict the autoplay video feature on using Twitter from desktop or smartphone.

Step 1:

On your system first open the browser and go to Twitter then login into your account. Now go to your Twitter profile and click on Profile Pic of the account which is present at the top of the page. Select Settings then move downwards to the section where you will find Content option.

Step 2:

Find Video Tweets settings and uncheck the box stating the Video Autoplay. For saving the changes made click on the Save changes blue button.


Step 3:

If you use it more on smartphone as compared to desktop then here is the process to disable it on the device. Launch the Twitter mobile application your device if running on Android select App Settings and scroll down on Video autoplay option. On iOS you have to go to Account Settings option and tap on it Video and Photo entry to disable the option easily.


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How to Turn Off Video Autoplay on Twitter
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