Google Photos is a great application launched by Google for smartphone and tablet users allowing them to manage their photos and images more efficiently and easily. It is simple to access and offers the people all around the world to use the available unlimited free storage along with feature of controlling, organizing and viewing them on any device at any part of world. The application serves as home for all the photos and videos stored in the user’s device making him/her to reach them easily and search a particular photo or video with ease efficiently.

The application contains a lot of neat features making the person accessing it offering more control and organization of the photos and videos. With Google Photos you can easily perform the backup and management of the photos along with availability on popular Android and iOS mobile operating system allows more and more people to get hands on the service provided to them. There is a feature in Google Photos not known by a lot of people which allows them to organize their photos automatically on the basis of the scanned faces of the people on the photo. Google Photos comes with a pre-installed and built-in facial recognition feature managing the photos as per the faces of the people. The feature is primarily disabled by the company which the user has to enable.


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Enabling Facial Recognition on Google Photos:

Google Photos automatically scans and detects the faces of the person present on the photo albums offering an organized management of untidy photos. Basically the facial recognition feature is not available in many countries, but even if it is not there in your country then you can enable it through the provided steps.

Step 1:

First you have to go to the Settings of your Android device and head to Apps section. Open Photos and clear the data contained in the app. The data must be cleared in order to make way for turning on the facial recognition feature on the app.

Step 2:

Now download a third party VPN app like TunnelBear as you prefer on your desktop as it will be needed to enable the facial recognition on Google Photos. Transfer the file to the Android device through the USB Cable.


Step 3:

After the transfer is completed you have to install the VPN application and open it for moving ahead in process, then connect through it. The VPN app will trick Google Photos making it think that you are connecting from some other country which supports Google Photos facial recognition feature.

Step 4:

Open the Google Photos app and complete the wizard for reaching the main screen. Go to the settings of the app and there you will find an option stating ‘Group similar faces – Auto Group photos by matching faces’ enable it.

How to Turn On Facial Recognition on Google Photos
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