Before the launch of Mac OS X Lion the users were able to save their document and files easily on the system under a new name on the desktop through the help of the Save As option present on Mac. The option offered the users to perform the saving of files and text in Word document form without any sort restriction while doing so. But many people were unable to access the particular option when they upgraded to OS X Lion as the company got rid of the option in their OS X available for people.

A large number of people face difficulty when they perform the saving of any file or document on their Mac system and have to utilize the Duplicate option present on File menu. The Duplicate option offers the users to save the document as they want to, just you have to select the duped document and select the Save option for using the Save option with the help of Auto Save feature. It may provide relief to some people but many Mac users are students and household persons which want some easy process which they had in Save As option of Mac system. You can easily enable Save As option on your Mac OS X system if you are encountering trouble on working without it.


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Turn on ‘Save As’ Option on Mac OS X:

In the place of Save As option on the File Menu Apple positioned Export with the new update on OS X. Here is the guide through which you can easily turn it on and access it on applications like Pages, Numbers, Keynote and TextEdit etc. Generally it is made hidden by the company with the launch of Mac OS X Lion.

Step 1:

For making Save As to reappear and utilize it like before on your Mac system you just have to open the app where you were able to access the option before it was hidden.

Step 2:

Now you have to click and hold the option key present on the File menu for a couple of seconds and make sure you hold the option in order to enable the Save As feature for being utilized whenever needed.

Save as

Step 3:

Release the hold and you will see that the Duplicate File option automatically changes and turn into Save As option. Click on it for accessing the enabled option allowing you to type in a new name to the document and select the folder where you want to save it.


The process can be performed easily in your Mac OS X Yosemite, Mavericks and Mountain Lion.

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