A large number of people are fond of Apple’s iPad series offering them lot of features to utilize the device for their entertainment, working etc. Apple made a great impact with the iPad tablet series on the globe through allowing the customers to encounter a whole new level of functioning with a portable gadget making them to decrease a lot of burden from their shoulders. The company launched the tablet computer series on 2010 running on the iOS system formulated by them for make the working to be easy and fast.

With iPad one can’t not only perform the shooting of videos, photo-clicking, listening to music tracks along with surfing the internet but also turn iPad into second display for Mac & PC. You must be thinking how that is possible so here today we are going to share the process through which you will be to acknowledge that how can you turn your iPad into second display for your Mac & PC. There is no sort of difficulty and complexity involved while performing the process and no sort of damage will be done to your iPad. For many people it can serve a means of using the lower version of iPads which are not much exercised by them due to lack of interest and some other reasons. You can make your favorite toy to work for more other than it is being designed by the company.

duet displayduet display

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Turning iPad into Second Display for Mac & PC:

There are a large number of applications allowing and aiding the iPad user through which the conversion of iPad to a second display for your desktop. Among them the recommended one is Duet Display developed by people being ex-Apple engineers but the main thing about it is that you have to pay for it. The price of the application is decent not cheap available for about $15.99 (₹ 990) but the services offered and the characteristics inherited by it are totally to the mark as compared to the price asked. Without much ado here is the tutorial of you iPad lovers.

dual display

Step 1:

First thing you have to do is to download the app for the system from the official website from the link provided here. The application will be available on two forms one for your desktop and other for your iPad device from the official website you can get the app for your Mac and PC.

Step 2:

After you have downloaded it on your desktop, then you have to purchase and download the iOS version of the application for your iPad. The app is there on the App Store of Apple from there you can avail the application without any sort of trouble.


Step 3:

Now install the app on both of your devices and after the completion of the installation process, you have to connect the both through the help of a lightning cable (USB Cable).

Step 4:

Open the Duet Display on your computer and also on your iPad, then the devices will bond together. On the finishing of the procedure you will see the desktop popping on the screen of your iPad.

How to Turn your iPad into Second Display for Mac & PC
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