If you are working on a Computer, you might be in need of some special characters which are not available on the Keyboard of your PC. Degree, Copyright symbols and a few other useful symbols are not available on any Keyboard. In order to put them in work, you have to apply special codes. Today, we are going to guide you about how you can type Degree and Copyright symbols in Windows, Mac, Linux, HTML and PHP. Following report will guide you more about it. 

Type Degree and Copyright Symbols

Type Degree Symbols in Windows, Mac, Linux

Step 1 :

Press and hold Ctrl + Shift on your Keyboard. Make sure MS Office’s tools are open on the desktop. MS Office is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

Step 2 :

After this, Press @ button while holding the Ctrl + Shift button.

Step 3 :

And then release Ctrl + Shift

Step 4 :

Press Space Bar and you’re done! You can see Degree Symbol (°) on the desktop. Whenever you need this, just follow above process and you’ll get it.


Type Degree Symbol in HTML

Degree Symbol is mostly used in websites and blogs by the writers. Degree Symbol in HTML is sign is ° or °

Type Copyright Symbol in Windows, Mac and Linux

As you know, Copyright symbol is used for to put a trademark on something. Unfortunately, we don’t get this symbol on a Keyboard of the PC so we have to manually generate it by using a code.

MS Word comes with an in-built copyright symbol. Just type (C) and space to create a Copyright symbol instantly.

Talking about the Mac system, Press Option+ g key together and Copyright symbol will itself generate on the display. You can even go to Edit > Special Character s and the Character and can choose Copyright symbol from the list itself.

In Linux, Press Compose Key and then press OC. In your Linux system, you can go to special character’s page by following the below given path.

System –> Preferences –> Keyboard –> Layouts –> Open Layout Options –> Expand Compose key position

So that’s all about the special characters of degree and copyright symbol. You can choose any of the above given methods to type in the characters which don’t come as an in-built ones in a particular PC.

What’s your take? Do you know any other method with which we can insert such characters on a display? Do let us know in the comments given below this post. We’d definitely like to add your suggestion here in the post!

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How to Type Degree and Copyright Symbols in Windows, Mac, Linux, HTML
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