Dropbox is a popular cloud storage offering platform through which a person save and secure the files, documents etc with ease accessing them whenever needed. The cloud storage service makes the user to not only use it just for storage also for file syncing, file hosting and for personal backup platform providing them more than one features in one platform. Through the formulation of some special and specific folders on their systems Dropbox performs the synchronization of the files present in them on the account of the user just as same like there in the system. Among others cloud storage services Dropbox is more utilized by people due to the offered features.

The cloud storage platform can be accessed through a number of devices allowing the people to get the benefits for making their working to be easy and efficient. Dropbox provides the public all around the worldwide to get a backup of the important files and folders for safeguarding them for future use. Founded in 2008 the cloud services has been experiencing rise in the people using the characteristics and presently 250 million users encountering the features offered to them. Dropbox offers the people using the services to get a storage capacity totaling to 5GB to make sure that user can save the files regardless of thinking of space taken up by them.


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Uploading to Dropbox from Email:

A majority of site and services nowadays offer the people to get cloud storage to make sure that the regular users have the benefit of working easily and having the efficiency needed. Some provide the public to perform the upload of files through Email for easing the upload process and make the file to be stored with less working. Dropbox doesn’t offer the people accessing the service to get the feature for doing the upload through the help of emails. Today we will tell you how to upload files to Dropbox via Email without encountering any sort of trouble.

Step 1:

With the help of Send to Dropbox one person can do the upload of files and documents to their Dropbox with free and easily with the needed efficiency. Go to Send to Dropbox and do the linking of Dropbox account to the site.

Step 2:

Perform the sign-up with the Dropbox credentials, for making the service to access of the Dropbox and do the transmission click on Allow button to move ahead. On the completion of linking process you will get a Congratulations message along a unique mail address.


Step 3:

Now through the help of the email address you will be able to send files to the Dropbox account. The service is accessible for free of cost to the public allowing them to upload files to Dropbox fast with the guaranty of security of the files sent.

Step 4:

The files sent through the help of the Send to Dropbox will present in the Apps>Attachments location where you can access them whenever you want to.


How to Upload to Dropbox from Email
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