Apple offers two in-built Wireless communication networks, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can connect to the web by using the Wi-Fi network on your Mac. To send and receive files from one system to another, there’s a Bluetooth inside the system. If you recently owned a new Mac system and do not know how to use Bluetooth & Wi-Fi on Mac, do not worry a bit about it. Today we are guiding you to make use of these both Wireless networks of your Mac system. Follow the report given below. You might like to see : How to Compress a File on your Mac

How to Use Bluetooth on Mac

Step 1 :

Open System Preferences first. There are three ways with which you can launch this app. From the Apple’s icon at the upper left side, from the dock or by visiting the apps menu.

Blueooth on Mac 2

Step 2 :

There you would see a number of different icons of the apps and other useful options for your system. Kindly search for the icon of Bluetooth there, click it out.

Blueooth on Mac 3

Step 3 :

You could see Bluetooth’s icon on your menu bar as well. If not, click on to the Show Bluetooth in menu bar option.

Blueooth on Mac 1

Step 4 :

Click out the icon from the Menu bar and you would see the available devices there. You can select the device, pair up with it and can easily send or receive files.

This is how you can make use of the Bluetooth app on your Mac. Now, if you want to connect to the web with a Wireless network, you need to follow the steps given below. Turn your Wi-Fi on!

How to use Wi-Fi on Mac

Step 1 :

You would see an icon of Wi-Fi right n your menu bar at the top upper right side.

Wi-Fi on Mac

Step 2 :

Click out the icon first and Turn the Wi-Fi on if it is currently off.

Wi-Fi on Mac 3

Step 3 :

Scan for new available networks, you would get a list of all the nearby Wi-Fi networks. Click on to the network’s name.

Wi-Fi on Mac 1


Step 4 :

If the network is secured, you need to enter the Password there. Your system will be connected to the web if there’s a proper connection available.

This is how you can make use of Wi-Fi connection on your Mac system. There’s nothing hard to learn about using the Mac system, all it requires is a proper guidelines.

If you have any suggestions or any other queries while using the Mac, do let us know. We’d definitely like to help you out with proper solutions.

How to Use Bluetooth & Wi-Fi on Mac
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