BlackBerry is a renowned mobile operating system developed by BlackBerry Limited formerly acknowledge as Research In Motion (RIM). The OS is only generated for the devices developed by the BlackBerry Limited and have unique characteristics allowing the users to get a diverse experience of accessing smartphones. The main feature which attracts every person is the security offered by the devices to safeguard their data and relevant information from others. The security of data offered by the devices from the company is way efficient from the offerings present there in other smartphones to provide the needed privacy to the owner.

The internet accessing on Blackberry devices is done through the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) provided by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) to use the World Wide Web on devices. Generally on the devices normal and common internet plans don’t work properly as it requires special BIS packages. The BIS serves as the email and sync service allowing the devices to get the email from the synced accounts. While buying the BlackBerry device the user has to formulate a fresh new BlackBerry Internet Service account differing from ISP to another ISP. But if you want to access and use normal internet plans on BlackBerry phone then we have the solution to it allowing you to access the internet through your SIM there on the device.


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Using Normal Internet Plans on BlackBerry Phone:

Basically the BlackBerry devices are developed and formulated keeping in mind the utilization of the devices by business personals. Normal people also buy the devices but get a bit disappointed on the seeing the method of accessing the internet on it. In India the cost of a BIS plan starts from  300 and generally the payment is made through credit card. The simple data plans are way cheaper than the BIS plans which make people reconsider to buy a BlackBerry device. Here is the trick through which you will be able to access the simple data plan on the device without any trouble.

Step 1:

There are no applications present on BlackBerry operating system ecosystem aiding you to do so. You can perform the trick on the device just by changing the settings and making it work on the data plan of the SIM in there in device.

Step 2:

Go to the BlackBerry Menu and select the Options menu present there. Now you have to go to Advanced option present on it.

blackberry settings

Step 3:

Scroll down till you reach and see TCP/IP options, open it. The option allows you to customize and change the settings related to the internet server of the device.

Step 4:

Now you have to enable the APN settings by checking the box present before the option. Type in the APN of the internet service provider of the SIM accessed by you on the device, if you know it then type it and if not see from the list given below.

advanced settings

Aircel aircelgprs or
BSNL bsnlnet
Tata Docomo tata.docomo.internet
Vodafone www
Idea Internet
Uninor Uninor
Reliance RCOMNET

After this you will be able to access the internet on your BlackBerry device.

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